UCITS 2015 - The 5th Annual Conference

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Maximising opportunities for growth under UCITS IV, V and VI

5th UCITS Conference 2015

Practical guidance on preparing your business for UCITS V, UCITS VI and wider funds regulation

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It’s time to get ready for UCITS V. This latest development in UCITS Regulation is aimed at preserving the integrity of the UCITS brand and increase investor protection and investor confidence in the UCITS market. How will it impact on the funds and their managers? To what extent will the proposed changes interact with the AIFM Directive retime, MiFID II, PRIIPs and EMIR, as well as plans for UCITS VI. Is the EU finally moving towards a single rule book for the funds industry?

Euromoney Legal Forums is pleased to announce the 2015 UCITS Conference, a high level forum with expert debate and discussion on the very latest developments on UCITS regulation and the implications it will have for the market. Now in its 5th year, this highly regarded event is a must attend for many in the industry with speakers including policy makers, fund managers, depositaries and recognized industry experts sharing their insights and analyst on regulatory developments in the UCITS space.

Come with questions and leave with in-depth knowledge on questions including:

  • How is the latest round of UCITS regulation likely to impact on product development and distribution?
  • Will proposed changes to depositary liabilities, remuneration and administration sanctions under UCITS V serve to improve investor protection?
  • What should UCITS VI include? Is it too early to make decisions on this before UCITS V is implemented?
  • What does the future hold for UCITS and ETFs, following the latest guidance from ESMA
  • How fund managers are choosing between AIFM Directive and UCITS

Ensure your organization is fully up to speed with how the rest of the industry is assessing and evaluating the key legislative developments. To ensure you are fully briefed by the experts, book your place now at Euromoney Legal’s UCITS 2015 conference.

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Day 1 - 20th May 2015

08.30 - Registration & refreshments

09.00 - Opening remarks from the Chair

Michelle Moran, Partner, Ropes & Gray

09.10 - The outlook for UCITS regulation in the coming year

  • In light of the current regulatory agenda, where is funds regulation going?
  • What are the key challenges and opportunities UCITS providers?
  • Challenges for funds regulation in the context of other regulatory changes such as CRD, EMIR and MiFID?
  • At a global level, what competitive and regulatory changes will affect the European funds industry?

09.40 - Latest ESMA guidance on UCITS V

  • Timelines and plans for consultation on technical advice regarding UCITS V
  • Outcome of recent consultations

10.10 - How is MiFID II likely to change the distribution landscape for UCITS?

  • Understanding the proposed ban on inducements for independent financial advisors
  • How will this ban interact with existing local legislation already in existence in different European countries
  • Understanding the implications of the complexity label for structured UCITS
  • Clarifying the need for defined target markets and distribution strategies

10.40 - Morning refreshments

11.10 - Looking ahead to UCITS VI – what are the likely developments? 

  • Proposed scope of UCITS VI – how will it expand on or roll back on existing UCITS regulations – UCITS III and UCITS IV?
  • How far will it go in relation to eligible assets and the use of derivatives?
  • What are the next steps and what is the planned timetable for consultation and implementation

11.50 - Industry Panel: Challenges and opportunities for key players in the UCITS market 

  • Reviewing current investor appetite for UCITS funds – current and predicted areas of growth
  • To what extent has AIFMD eaten into UCITS market share?
  • Challenges to product development and distribution from regulations including EMIR and MiFID II
  • Costs of compliance – are costs inhibiting market development?
  • How is regulation impacting on national and cross border distribution of UCITS?

Anna Berdinner, Regulatory Analyst, Asset Management Regulation, The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) 

12.40 - Lunch

13.50 - UCITS V provisions on sanctions – how will they work in practice?

  • Outlining the minimum types of administrative penalties and measure applicable to infringements of the UCITS Directive 
  • Penalties available to national competent authorities - criminal vs. administrative
  • To what extent does UCITS V require member states to ensure whistleblower protection?
  • Outlining the reporting requirements for member states
  • Possible implications of sanction measures for management and investment companies and depositaries

14.20 - Adapting remuneration policies to ensure compliance with the provisions of UCITS V

  • Aims and objectives of revised remuneration policies in UCITS V
  • Who will be affected? Understanding ‘identified staff’
  • Disclosure requirements on remuneration practices
  • Clarity on bonuses and when they apply

14.50 - Understanding and applying the proportionality test to remuneration regulations

  • Comparing and contrasting guidelines on proportionality to those for AIFMD and CRD IV
  • Practicalities of considering proportionality in relation to size, internal organization, and nature, scope and complexity of activities
  • How should remuneration rules apply to third parties?

15.20 - Afternoon refreshments

15.40 - Reviewing the appointment and duties of depositaries under UCITS V

  • Assessing the changes to depositary obligations outlined in UCITS V – can they work?
  • Which categories of institutions will be eligible to act as depositaries to UCITS funds?
  • How does the eligibility criteria overlap with the AIFM Directive requirements?
  • What will be the duties and responsibilities of the depositary under UCITS V?
  • How will delegation to subcustodians work under UCITS V?

16.10 - How will the separation of depositaries and management companies under Article 25 (2) work in practice?

  • Understanding the requirements of article 25 (2)
  • How is separation defined – structural vs. functional?
  • Managing conflicts of interest between management companies and depositaries

16.40 - Panel: Achieving compliance with new UCITS V stricter liability rules for depositaries

  • How do liability measures differ from those in AIFMD?
  • Costs and consequences of the new liability regime?
  • When is an asset considered to be lost?
  • What are the liabilities of sub-custodians?

Sean M. Tuffy, Senior Vice President, Investor Services, Brown Brothers Harriman

17.20 - Chair’s closing remarks

17.30 - Close of Day One


Day 2 - 21st May 2015

08.30 - Registration & refreshments

09.30 - Opening remarks from the Chair

Michelle Moran, Partner, Ropes & Gray

09.40 - Practicalities of operating under the AIFM Directive and UCITS

  • UCITS or AIF – which way to go for fund managers?
  • Doubling up – using one manager for UCITS and AIFs? 
  • Pros and cons of setting up a Super ManCo to manage both UCITS and alternative funds
  • Is one rule book likely in the future for both AIFs and UCITS?

10.10 - Redomiciling funds under AIFMD and UCITS V

  • Is there a case redomiciling your management company under current regulations?
  • Assessing the tax benefits and disadvantages
  • Practicalities of redomiciling
  • Where to redomicile?

10.40 - Morning refreshments

11.10 - Conflicting obligations - clearing UCITS OTC derivatives under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)?

  • Current status of EMIR
  • Analysing the clearing model proposed and how it will fit with existing early termination rights on UCITS OTC derivative agreements
  • Proposed compromises and how they will work
  • Particular issues for UCITS – assessing UCITS limits on counterparty risk

11.40 - How does UCITS fit into proposals to regulate shadow banking?

  • Update from the EU Commission on how to tackle the issue of shadow banking
  • What are the objectives of proposed measures to regulate the developing shadow banking industry?
  • To what extent does the existing and proposed UCITS legislation already address concerns around MMFs and ETFs?
  • What are the risks to the investor and the wider economy of shadow banking in the asset management sector?

12.10 - Update on interaction of PRIIP and UCITS KIIDs

  • Overview of the new PRIIPs KIID regime
  • Exemption of UCITS from regulatory requirements – how wil it work in practice?
  • Comparing and contrasting UCITS vs. PRIIP KIIDs
  • Prospects for harmonizing both KIIDs
  • What will happen after 2019?

12.40 - Chair’s closing remarks and close of conference

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